“I have never tried that before, so I should definitely be able to do that”


I'm currently in my first year of Creative Technology at the University of Twente. This journey is all about discovering how to combine creativity with technology and I'm excited to see where it takes me.

I love being creative and materializing my ideas. I'm always trying new things; it's fun to explore and find the best way to do things. If plans do not work out, I see it as an opportunity to learn. As well as being creative, I enjoy working out at the gym, going for walks and hanging out with friends.

Software: Processing, Arduino IDE, Visual Studio Code, Blender, Fusion 360
Hardware: ESP32, ESP8266, programmable RGB LEDs, air quality sensor
Craftsmanship: Soldering, welding, painting, Epoxy molding, general construction



The Owl

The project for module 2, Smart Environments, addresses the issue of indoor air quality in crowded and poorly ventilated spaces. High CO2 levels can have harmful effects on health and the current CO2 meters are not as effective in changing human behavoir as hoped. So in this project we redesigned the CO2 meters currently in classrooms. It was a challenging project that gave me the opportunity to do a lot of different things:

  • Creating a webserver on a ESP8266
  • Using ENS160+AHT2x sensor to mesure the airquatiy
  • Visualising the airqualty using the data from the sensor
  • Soldering the hardware

  • Arduino logo ESP8266 AirQuality LEDsStrip

    Programming & Physical Computing

    For my final PPC project I created an interactive interface that combines Processing and Arduino IDE. The interface has four animated buttons: rain, stars, fire, and health. Each button corresponds to an animation in Processing and on the LED matrix, accompanied by sound matching the theme. The interface supports three languages: Dutch, English, and Russian, making it accessible to a wider audience. The health button shows current environmental data on a 16x16 LED matrix. It indicates CO2 levels, temperature, humidity, and air quality index. Users can monitor and analyze environmental parameters using a web server.

  • Converting a webserver to the ESP32 platform
  • Creating the hardware
  • Using ENS160+AHT2x sensor to mesure the airquatiy
  • Visualising ariqualty using a LED matrix and a self made diffuser.
  • Connecting Processing with USB to the ESP32 platfrom

  • Processing Logo Arduino logo ESP32 AirQuality LEDmatrix

    Video Editing

    For my Professional Development Module 2 project, I improved my video editing skills by collaborating on a podcast. This challenged me to learn quickly in a group environment. I experimented with different video editing software to produce a polished seventeen minute video from about an hour of raw footage.

  • Editing in CapCut
  • Editing in Premiere Pro
  • Designing a logo

  • PremierePro Logo Capcut Logo


    During the second module we had an introductory course on Blender and Unity, here I had to change to learn the basics of the programme. During this course I expanded my knowledge by following tutorials and trying things out for myself.


    Mushroom Transparent House

    Japanese house



    For my brother's birthday, I made a chessboard with pieces. The material choice for this project is epoxy resin and I used dye and glitter to get a look that I knew he would like.
    Epoxy Image


    During COVID-19 I used cutlery to make rings by cutting off the middle part and then bending it until it fits comfortably. After that, you just have to clean it up a bit by sanding down the sharp edges and you're done.

    Ringen Image


    A few months ago I made my first crochet animal using a YouTube tutorial. Since then I have been working on more projects, learning new stitches and patterns. The repetitive handwork is an incredibly relaxing and enjoyable experience.

    Crochet Image


    These are some of my painting projects, I try to experiment with different methods and materials like using bleach or paint on clothes. The first picture shows hoodies that I have bleached. The photo in the middle is of my desk while I was painting. The canvas in the middle is meant to capture the emotion of a hug. The last one is a painting on the back of a jacket. Since painting is a skill I'm still developing, I used 3D augmented reality to get my online sketch on the jacket the way I imagined it.

    First Schilderen Image Second Schilderen Image Second Schilderen Image
    Through all these different projects over the years, I've developed a wide range of skills. I'm familiar with different machines, materials and creative ideas, and I enjoy learning and exploring new challenges.

    First Skill Image Second Skill Image Third Skill Image Fourth Skill Image Fifth Skill Image